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Special Report: Ivanka Trump: Scion of brand sophistication


When the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry’s Heirloom Chic collection hit the country, it was met with much excitement. The line was after all making its debut in Manila, courtesy of Century Properties. It was a cocktail launch at the Pacific Star building, with a special glass enclosed room that showcased the talent of America’s most popular realty heiress. A woman who has been described as having her mother’s good looks and her father’s brains, Ivanka is now a certified jewelry designer with the launch of her jewelry collection.

The reception it got at early private viewings at the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Showroom was nothing less than glowing. Thanks to Ivanka’s own ethos, the collection has turned out to be a graceful and awe-inspiring set that seamlessly melds traditional and contemporary design.

A group that included bag designers Joanna Preysler and Amina Aranaz Alunan, Camile Mathay and husband Macky, Penguin’s Cheryl and Eric Lee, Carlo and Christina Gatmaitan, Beyond the Box’s Charlie and Annabelle Paw and actress Valerie Bondoc were among the few to get the first chances to view and try out the pieces that Ivanka Trump herself had designed. I particularly liked the black diamond pieces, which carried a hefty price tag. But of course, black diamonds are one of the rarest of stones, and a beautiful one if set properly.

The sentiment shared among the women was that the collection clearly had a sense of the past but is also modern in ways, as echoed by its own motto: Rock Tradition.

The fact is, the signature pieces reveal much of Ivanka’s distinct and sophisticated style. At its introduction, the collection shook up the luxury world as it took a fresh approach to design and positioning. Much of the response revolved around the collection’s “refined yet unpretentiously chic” aesthetic.

It has since been capturing the attention of stylish women of all ages who appreciate the brand’s reinvention of important, heritage jewelry. The brand also stands apart with Ivanka’s power to influence a new generation of younger female consumers who admire and identify with Ivanka’s ideals.

Source:  Manila Bulletin | March 17, 2013